Emma Bäcklund and Hamish MacPherson | As part of "Performing Dawns" curated by Tom Lovelace. Exhibited at Hoxton Gallery,
London, UK, January 2021 and online.

Excerpts from a six hour virtual conversation exploring ephemerality, face hijacking, holograms, skin hunger, transhumanism, finiteness, doppelgängers, gender and technology, digital legacy, ghosting, self-curation and more..

Bäcklund and MacPherson are curiously challenging the dialogue as outcome and what it means to share private thoughts and ideas to the public. By excluding the face in the dialogue, the fragmented, layered and camouflaged body comes into focus which in turn questions the role of the body in virtual space. The artists dialogue emphasised on a long duration to resist immediacy, impatience and instant climax. They aimed to explore what occur when you step beyond a threshold of exhaustion. Through exhaustion perhaps the body releases itself from its own image?

Hamish and Emma have worked together since 2018 through performance and publication.

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