SÍM Korpúlfsstaðir residency, Reykavik, Iceland. 1-31 March


The Arctic Circle, art residency on tall ship travelling from Svalbard to the Arctic circle. September 29th to October 16th

Exhibitions/ events

Group events at Kunsthaus KuLe with Lagoon Parliment as part of Transmediale Vorspiel 2019, 18th Jan - 1st Feb, Berlin, Germany.


Movement workshops with children as part of Pass the Crayon, Berlin, Germany (ongoing)


Collaborative publication with artist and writer Isobel Wohl based on their ongoing "Image Coversations" based on visits Emma made at Isobels studio. To be launched in spring 2019.


Collaborative publication developed with the participants in the residency TAKING HOLD - THE DOUBLE BRIDGE, led by Phoebe Davies at PRAKSIS, Oslo, Norway. To be launched 2019.


2017 - ongoing: Founder and editor of NON, an online platform for discourses and texts around ideas of the non-image, non-object and non-form with invited writers/artists.


Written texts and curatorial work:

Text written for Unseen Platform

Using Format