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Care ( On the Other Hand.. )


Royal College of Art, MA degree show

Care (On the Other Hand) lingers in-between structures of support and restraint in relation to body, form and image. Bodily limitation is explored through the frame of the photograph; a space for both opportunity and boundary. That which appear still is moving at full speed.

The word Care is soft but carries weight. One depend and is being depended upon. The hands of the other can both heal and repress. Sometimes the hands of the other suggest a dual relationship with the self. 

The performance On the Other Hand.. takes form of a n structure with massage chair parts. Two performers lay within the structure for 30 min For 30 minutes, (which often is the duration of a massage session) the performers bodies are held within the form.  It is an exploration through endurance and tensity within stillness.  There is a vulnerability within this stillness which inhabit control as they are observed without being able to meet this gaze. Power relations are suggested between the support structure, performers and the audience’s gaze. 

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