Precarious Intervals (2022)

Precarious Intervals is a work that was initiated during an art residency at PADA in Barreiro, Portugal. The piece consist of photographs printed with silk screen print on fabrics that developed into a quilt floor piece as well as a live performance. I collaborated with two Portuguese dancers whom I photographed and filmed in an abandoned industrial park in Barreiro. We developed a choreography in that park that later were stripped of its context and performed in PADA’s gallery space alike echoes of muscle memories that had been taking place at this abandoned site. How does a place leave traces of bodily activity?


The project questions the "image-body" both in a present contemporary image culture and past industrial era when the distance between body and image were not as narrow. It further aims to challenge a linear perspective on memory and suggests layers, doubles and multiple perceptions on past, present and future relationships to body, memory and the image. The quilt tells stories of the time I spent there from personal angles while questioning the phantom limbs of industrialism and a new time of technology, labour, the image and the body.  

Materials; silkscreen print, fabric, synthetic hair, jute

Performance: 20min, dancers; Sara Montalvao and Rebecca Mateus