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As part of group exhibition Sculptural Landscapes at Galleri Format, Malmö, Sweden, Jan-Feb 2021. Curated byTrine Stephensen.

Other participating artists;

Ditte Knus Tønnesen, Inka & Niclas, Mathias Kruse Jørgensen, Miriam H Nielsen


“Belly of the Beast'' plays with extreme proximity and distance in relation to the body. Inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s “Étant Donnés”, Bäcklund draw connotations to the peep hole as a performative space of voyeurism and taboo, particularly as the photographs depict glory holes from temporarily closed clubs in Berlin.



On the Tongue of some Animal 


Video  (16min)


Recent events have forced us to invent new ways to experience intimacy, through the landscape of the screen. The artist filmed herself with an endoscope camera, initially made for surgical use to view the interior body. The camera travels on the landscapes of the body, alike an explorer investigating foreign land. Vivid colours emerge from pressure on the skin when there is no longer distance between body and apparatus. The close-up becomes a hiding place and questions the unfamiliarity of one’s own body. 

Bäcklund collaborated with artist and writer Isobel Wohl for the textual elements that aim to trigger a collision between intimacy and separateness, private and public depicting a fictional dialogue borrowing language from online communication and metaphors of the micro and macro.