The Tremble, The Little Finger and It’s Followers

As part of  Lagoon Parliament’s exhibition and event programme “Falling Upwards”

O2G Alte Münze, Berlin, Germany, 2019.



Dancers: Angelica Blalock | Veronica Parlagreco | Margherita Mattia | Katja-Maria Taavitsainen | Eva Kaack | Emma Bäcklund


Videographer: Ranav Adhikari


This work consisted of three performances, 20 min each;


The Tremble,

The Little Finger and It’s Followers

The Flying Flute

Accompanied with musician Fumihiro Ono on drums and electronic music and Phoebe Bognár on flute.


These performances explore ideas of pack mentality with influence from team sports such as football and basketball.

By including life streaming onto four large screens gave the viewer the opportunity to be the observers of both the overall bodily gestures and the close-ups of facial expression and parts of bodies. Further investigation explored the democracy of the body and thoughts around how one small part of the body can give affect to the whole system.


My role in this was the choreographer and dancer.